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Spinal Q Review By Justin Yates:


"Burn" - Music Video: 

Behind The Scenes - "Burn":

Making Music Is Fun (Blooper Promo):

New Camera Day – Canon t6i:

Session Work - Warm Up  Take:

DIY Camera Dolly - Part: ONE:

DIY Camera Dolly – Part: TWO:

Taylor Guitars GS MINI-E RW & 214ceK Upgrade:

Guitar Playthrough - Mejnun, For Leyla:

Guitar Playthrough - California:

Making A Friend:

The Frame Project:

Contest Time!:

VLOG: 10.29.2018:

VLOG - Live Clips From November 4th:

Contest Winner 2018 - SWORD&CUP:

“The Immortal” Music Video:

New Guitar Day (LTD ST-213):

VLOG: New Live Rig!:

VLOG: The Making Of The Animated Monkey:

“California” Music Video:

“The Immortal” (Intro) Guitar Lesson:

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